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Red Kite III

The third meeting of the Red Kite Network will be held on Thursday 10th January, 2013 in the Main Lecture Theatre in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford.

Attendance will be courtesy of the John Fell Oxford University Research Fund.  The meeting will consist of three sessions, each commencing with a half hour Plenary delivered by a leading academic, followed by three shorter talks by younger researchers.


9:00 Set up Posters etc.
9:50 Introduction
10:00 Prof. Paul R. Raithby (Bath/RCaH) “Photocrystallography: Watching Chemistry Happen”
10:30 Keary M. Engle (Oxford) “Hydrogen-Bonding Effects on the Reactivity of Fluoride Anion”
10:45 Matthew P. Blake (Oxford) “Alkaline Earth- and Rare Earth-Transition Metal Complexes”
11:00 Andrew B. Cairns (Oxford) Understanding the Unusual Mechanical Properties of Cyanide Framework Materials
11:15 Tea Break
11:45 Prof. Elspeth F. Garman (Oxford) “From Hot to Cool and Back Again: The Radiation Damage Challenge in MX”
12:15 Sebastian D. Pike (Oxford) “Characterization a Rhodium(I) Sigma Alkane Complex Formed by a Crystal to Crystal Transition”
12:30 Dr. Russell W. Driver (Oxford) “Intramolecular C-H…O Hydrogen Bonding in Small Molecules”
12:45 Simon Cassidy (Oxford/Diamond) “EXAFS Studies of High Vacancy Solids”
1:00 Lunch & Posters (JR Seminar Room)
2:30 Prof. David A. Keen (ISIS) “Complexity in Cubic and Nearly Cubic Crystals”
3:00 Dr. Micheal McDonough (Oxford) “The Crystal Structure of AspH in Complex with the an EGF-like Domain from the Blood Coagulation Factor X”
3:20 Dr. Kirsten E. Christensen (Oxford) “Aperiodicity: Between Order and Disorder”
3:40 Dr. Julia Parker (Diamond) “It’s All About the ‘Mussel’ Strength”
4:00 Drinks Reception & Posters (JR Seminar Room)  


Those not speaking are encouraged to bring posters and the best will be rewarded.

Lunch is included, as is a small drinks reception after the meeting in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room.  These will only be available to registered attendees.

Parking is notoriously difficult in Oxford, so please keep that in mind if travelling and we would recommend the train or Park & Ride.

In order to ensure there is enough tea/coffee/cake/sandwiches/poster boards etc., please let us know you are coming and whether you are going to bring a poster; the registration form is below.  The registration deadline is Noon on Monday 7th January  and we will confirm receipt by email.