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Red Kite VII – June 17th 2015

The seventh meeting of the Red Kite Network will be held on Wednesday 17th June, 2015 at ISIS.

Attendance will be free of charge and there will be a transport from Oxford and a drinks reception thanks to generous sponsorship from ISIS.  There will also be a tour of the ISIS facility, however we need to know how many people are coming for safety as well as the nicer things, like making sure we don’t run out of tea, coffee, and nibbles.

The tour will be followed by a microsymposium, comprising a number of short talks by local speakers, focused on the use of neutrons.


12.15 pm Coach Leaves South Parks Road
1.00 pm Arrival at R80 (ISIS Target Station 2)
1:15 pm Tours of ISIS start
2:15 pm Tea, Coffee and Posters in R80 foyer
2.40 pm Transit to CR12/13 R68 Ground floor
2.55 pm Stephen Hull (ISIS) Introduction and Welcome
3.05 pm Craig Bull (ISIS) “Materials at Extreme Conditions – The Role of Neutrons”
3.25 pm Nicola Steinke (Oxford) “TBC”
3.40 pm Joe Kelleher (ISIS) “Deformation and Stress Measurement on the Engin-X Instrument”
4.05 pm Samual Duyker (Oxford/ANSTO) “Structural Transformations in Torsionally Flexible Cyanide Frameworks”
4.15 pm Stuart Bartlett (RCaH/Bath) “Dynamic Structural Changes by in-situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy”
4.30 pm Dominic Fortes (ISIS/UCL) “The Structure of Water in Salt Hydrates”
4.50 pm Return to R80 foyer
5.00 pm Wine reception and Posters
6.00 pm Coach departs for Oxford.


There will be a general structural science poster session and as before, the best will be rewarded.

In order to ensure there is enough tea/coffee/cake/poster prizes/seats on the bus, please let Amber L. Thompson ([email protected]) or Marek Jura ([email protected]) know.

If you need transport from Oxford, we need to know BY THURSDAY 11TH JUNE, otherwise we need a complete list of names by 10AM MONDAY 15TH JUNE to arrange security clearance for the tours of ISIS. So, please fill in and email the form below:

I will be presenting a poster (Yes/No)
I will require a place on the coach (Yes/No)
Special Dietary Requirements:

First Meeting – January 12th 2012

The inaugural meeting of the Red Kite Crystallographers will be held on Thursday 12th January, 2012 in the Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford.

Attendance will be free of charge.  The meeting will consist of three sessions, each commencing with a half hour Plenary delivered by a leading academic, followed by a three shorter talks by younger researchers.


9:00 Set up Posters etc.
9:50 Introduction
10:00 Prof. Harry L. Anderson (Oxford) “Porphyrin Nanorings”
10:30 Claire Murray (Reading/Diamond) “Pairwise Assembly of Organopalladium(II) Centres with the Cyanurato(3-) Ligand”
10:45 Nick White (Oxford) “Towards Selective Anion Binding inside Interlocked Molecules”
11:00 Dr. Fraser White (Oxford Diffraction/Agilent) “Copper or Molybdenum? A Comparative Study”
11:15 Tea Break
11:45 Prof. Bill I. F. David (ISIS) “Structure-property Relationships in Lightweight Hydrides – Playing the Odds”
12:15 Stefan Sedlmaier (Oxford) “Synthesis, Identification and Characterisation of novel, condensed Oxonitridophosphates and Phosphorus Oxonitrides”
12:30 Karim Sutton (Oxford/Diamond) “Exploiting the Tunable Wavelength Capabilities of Beamline I19″
12:45 Michael Kelly (Oxford) “Exploring Catalysts for Novel Hydrogen Storage Materials”
1:00 Lunch (Not included)
2:00 Posters
2:30 Dr. Andrew L. Goodwin (Oxford) “Size Matters: The Anomalous Mechanics of Frameworks”
3:00 Dr. Jeppe Christensen (RCaH) “Dynamical Structural Science at RCaH”
3:20 Dr. Matthias Gutmann (ISIS) “A Combined Neutron, X-ray and Computational Study of Croconic Acid”
3:40 Dr. Robin Owen (Diamond) “Exploiting Fast Detectors and Bright Beamlines for Room Temperature MX at the Synchrotron”
4:00 Close


Those not speaking are encouraged to bring posters and the best will be rewarded.

Lunch is not included, but will be available from either the Chemistry Canteen, the Biochemistry Café or the University Staff Club on the day.  Alternatively you can bring a packed lunch.  Parking is notoriously difficult in Oxford, so please keep that in mind if travelling and we would recommend the train or Park & Ride.

In order to ensure there is enough tea/coffee/cake/poster boards, please let Amber L. Thompson (amber.thompson @ chem.ox.ac.uk) or Richard I. Cooper (richard.cooper @ chem.ox.ac.uk) know BY MONDAY if you are coming and whether you are going to bring a poster.