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Red Kite VI

The sixth meeting of the Red Kite Network will be held on Thursday 8th January, 2015 in the Main Lecture Theatre in the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford.

Attendance will be courtesy of the John Fell Oxford University Research Fund. The meeting will consist of three sessions, each commencing with a half hour Plenary delivered by a leading academic, followed by shorter talks by younger researchers.

Provisional Programme

9:00 Set up Posters etc.
9:50 Introduction
10:00 Dr. Jin-Chong Tan
“Connecting Terahertz Vibrations in Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) to Elastic Structural Dynamics”
10:30 Will Fletcher
“Conformation Bias: A Bayesian Approach to Protein Structure”
10:50 Dr. Jesus Campos- Manzano
“Molecular Distortion Effects of Weak Interactions in Crystal Lattices. A Joint Crystallographic-Computational Study”
11:10 Tea Break
11:30 Dr. Matt Tucker
“Is the future of Crystallography Disordered?”
12:00 Dr. Mark Chadwick
“Organometallic Chemistry in the Solid State: A Route to Stabilisation of Sigma-Alkane Complexes”
12:20 Dr. Mark Senn
“Large Negative Thermal Expansion in the Ruddlesden-Popper Perovskites and the role of Soft Mode “Trapping” Mechanisms”
12:40 Dr. Pascal Parois
“Resolution of Metal Site Occupancies using Multiple Wavelengths”
1:00 Lunch & Posters
(JR Seminar Room)
2:30 Dr. Sylvia McLain
“The structure of Biological Association in Solution”
3:00 Dr. Daniel Woodruff
“Control of superconductivity in layered lithium iron selenide hydroxides Li1–xFex(OH)Fe1–ySe”
3:20 Sean Robinson
“Halogen-bonding Anion Receptors: Investigating Halogen Bond Covalency”
3:40 Dr. Silvia Capelli
“Correlating Structural Features with Physical Properties”
4:00 Drinks Reception & Posters (JR Seminar Room)


Those not speaking are encouraged to bring posters and the best will be rewarded.

Lunch is included, as is a small drinks reception after the meeting in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room. These will only be available to registered attendees.

Parking is notoriously difficult in Oxford, so please keep that in mind if travelling and we would recommend the train or Park & Ride.

In order to ensure there is enough tea/coffee/cake/sandwiches/poster boards etc., please let us know you are coming and whether you are going to bring a poster by emailing the registration form below to amber.thompson@chem.ox.ac.uk.

The registration deadline is 5pm on Friday 2nd January and we will confirm receipt by email.

I will be presenting a poster (Yes/No)
Special Dietary Requirements: