Red Kite II – September 18th 2012

The second meeting of the Red Kite Network will be held on Tuesday 18th September, 2012 at ISIS.

Attendance will be free of charge and there will be a transport from Oxford and a drinks reception thanks to generous sponsorship from ISIS.  There will also be a tour of the ISIS facility, however we need to know how many people are coming for safety as well as the nicer things, like making sure we don’t run out of tea, coffee, and nibbles.

The tour will be followed by a microsymposium, comprising a number of short talks by local speakers, focussed on the use of neutrons.


12.15 pm Coach Leaves South Parks Road
1.00 pm Arrival at R80 (ISIS Target Station 2)
1:15 pm Tours start
2:15 pm Tea, Coffee and Posters in R22
3.15 pm ISIS Personnel Introduction and Welcome
3.20 pm Stephen Hull (ISIS) ISIS Neutron Diffraction Facilities and Research
4.00 pm Joseph Paddison (Oxford/ISIS) “Order within Chaos: the Magnetic Structures of Paramagnets”
4.15 pm Sebastian Busch (Oxford) “Probing the Structure of the Peptide GPG-NH2 in Solution with Neutron Diffraction”
4.30 pm Roger Johnson (ISIS/Oxford) “Multiferroic Materials”
4.45 pm Sam Callear (ISIS) “Order and Disorder in Lithium Borohydride”
5.00 pm Wine reception and Posters
6.00 pm Coach departs for Oxford.


There will be a general structural science poster session and as before, the best will be rewarded.

In order to ensure there is enough tea/coffee/cake/poster prizes/seats on the bus, please let Amber L. Thompson (amber.thompson @ or Marek Jura (marek.jura @ know.  If you need transport from Oxford, we need to know BY MONDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER, otherwise we need a complete list of names by FRIDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER to arrange security clearance for the tours of ISIS. So, please let us know:

– Whether you need transport from Oxford
– If you would like to go on the tour of the ISIS facility
– Whether you are going to bring a poster (it doesn’t have to be neutron based)
– If you would prefer not to be added to the private announcement mailing list